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The simplest way to talk to your customers

Start talking to customers without bugging them. Automatically invite your users to chat with you.

Discover what your customers want

Learn customer insights that lead to profitable products and desirable features.

Keep shipping, we'll arrange the research calls

Spend time doing what you do best We'll take care of the scheduling.

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Copy and paste our code snippet and we'll start booking customer research calls.

Adopt continuous product discovery with Insight Pipeline

Customer scheduler
Customer scheduler

Don’t chase customers, they opt-in themselves

Invite customers to schedule a call with our intelligent in-app scheduler. No more spammy email.

Scheduler choose a time
Scheduler choose a time

Customers book a time that’s perfect for you

Customers are offered times that don't conflict with important events in your calendar.

Customer chooses contact method
Customer chooses contact method

Customers choose their favourite way to be contacted

Improve attendance rates by allowing the customer to choose how they'd like to be contacted.

Start talking to customers

Get answers to your most important customer questions today.

Unlimited research calls

Unlimited team members

Participant dashboard

Add scheduler to your site

Segment your users



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Hundreds of customer research calls for

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